Making Magic with Mary

Tips and tricks for conjuring up cheese board magic from Cypress Grove Founder Mary Keehn.

Fine cheese alchemy: we start with three simple ingredients and transform them into unforgettable cheese. At Cypress Grove, we feel the magic every day — and we’re thrilled to share Mary’s tips with you so can bring some cheese board magic into your own lives.

  • Spend a bit of time thinking about a theme and what you want to present. Is you cheese going to be served at a wedding, neighborhood dinner party, or kids party? Before or after a meal? This will help you decide what to pair with the cheese: sweet with preserves, fruits, and chocolate or savory with meats, cheese, and veggies. Do you like breads and crackers, or do you want the cheese itself to be the vehicle?
  • Use a cheese wire to slice the cheese. If you don't have a cheese wire, you can use unflavored dental floss tied around two chopsticks. A clean slice will give you a more beautiful presentation.
  • Let your cheese come to room temperature, but be mindful of meats and other temperature sensitive ingredients!
  • 3-5 cheeses is usually a good amount for a cheese board. Consider using different textures and styles — like fresh and soft-ripened.
  • Use a different knife for each cheese.
  • Allow enough “vehicles” — like bread, crackers, and utensils — to avoid double dipping.
  • Most of all, relax and have fun!