Summertime, and the living's cheesy!

Top cheeseboard tips from Instagram food stars.

At Cypress Grove, we start with three simple ingredients and transform them into luscious, unforgettable cheeses that make you want to do the happy dance. But why stop there? We took it to the next level at the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show with cheeseboards from Instagram stars who seriously know their eats. Check out these top tips from the pros!

Diana Vuong, @dianaeatsnyc

  • “Ideally, make sure your cheese comes to room temperature before eating so the flavors open up. But if you’re in a pinch and need to slice your cheese directly from the fridge, try heating up your knife under warm water for 10 seconds for a clean slice.”

Alexandra Romanoff, @onemoredish

  • “The more variety, the better! Try playing around with different flavors and textures so you have a nice variety of cheeses and accoutrements for your guests. And don’t forget about the board! Pick a fun shape or color for more visual appeal.”

Ben Hon, @stuffbeneats

  • “It’s fun to include both sweet and savory things, like red pepper jelly, strawberries, grapes, and olives. Mix it up with one fresh, one soft-ripened, and one aged cheese so guests have different textures and flavors to try.”