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Summertime Sizzler

Chipotle Cacao Remix

Introducing our newest limited edition Remix: Chipotle Cacao. Each limited edition wheel of Humboldt Fog Chipotle Cacao Remix is packed with smoky chipotles and features a distinctive ribbon of Dick Taylor dark chocolate through the center; the slow burn of smoked peppers meets a hint of smooth dark chocolate.

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From tangy fresh goat cheeses to our soft-ripened signature classics and buttery aged cheeses, discover your own favorite fromage moments from Cypress Grove.

Humboldt Fog®

Soft-Ripened Goat Milk Cheese from Humboldt County California

Midnight Moon®

Aged Goat Milk Cheese Made Exclusively For Cypress Grove in Holland

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Transforming milk from humanely-raised goats into swoon-worthy cheese is nothing short of magic.

If you believe that a well-composed cheeseboard can be the most memorable meal of the week, then let’s get to know each other.

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What happens at Cypress Grove in Humboldt County certainly doesn’t stay here. You’ll find our cheeses at festivals, family gatherings, spur-of-the-moment picnics, and sommelier-approved cheese plates. Follow us on social media for seasonal recipes, pairing inspiration, utterly unpretentious cheese talk, and mouthwatering pictures of some of the most photogenic fromage out there.

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