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Cheese makes everything better

Our Cheese

Delicious cheeses that make you do the happy dance. From fresh and tangy cheeses to our soft-ripened signature classics and buttery aged cheeses, discover your own favorite fromage moments from Cypress Grove.

Bloomy-rinded Beauties

Soft-Ripened Cheeses

A journey of cheese transformation: the delicate yet pronounced flavor profiles of soft-ripened goat cheeses increase in complexity, creating a mind-blowing contrast between the mushroomy rind, gooey creamline, and dense paste.

Tangy and Bright

Fresh Cheeses

Using the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, our fresh goat cheeses range in taste from fresh cream and citrus to lavender and wild fennel pollen, with unexpected and delightful flavors running the gamut in between.

They just keep getting better

Aged Cheeses

These cheeses are aged for three months and beyond, and are firmer in texture than our fresh and soft-ripened offerings — perfect for melting, marinating, and snacking right off the wheel.

Still Undecided?

Cheese Your Own Adventure