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Fresh Cheeses

Using the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, our fresh goat cheeses range in taste from fresh cream and citrus to lavender and wild fennel pollen, with unexpected and delightful flavors running the gamut in between.

Fresh Cups

Straight Up®

Soft and pillowy with a subtle tang and lightly salted finish, Straight Up is fresh goat cheese, plain and simple.

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Danger Zone®

Hot hot hot! Danger Zone is spiked with brined jalapeño, onion, garlic, and perfectly balanced spices.

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Little Red Corvette

Complex, rounded, and warm, Little Red Corvette is bursting with umami flavor from bell pepper, black garlic, and chermoula spice.

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Sweet Dreams

A little sweetness, a little salt — Sweet Dreams has a hint of deep molasses from brown sugar coupled with warming vanilla bean and a touch of salt.

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Fresh Disks

Ms. Natural®

Tart, tangy, and perfectly balanced, Ms. Natural® is the perfect expression of fresh goat cheese.

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Purple Haze®

Purple Haze® is subtly sweet and a touch floral with the tangy brightness of fresh goat cheese.

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It’s dill-iciously dill-ightful. It’s so good, it will make you dill-irious. See where we’re going with this?

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Sgt. Pepper®

Sgt. Pepper® is a fresh goat cheese with a secret combination of four peppers, exotic spices, and pepper threads.

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Herbs de Humboldt®

Clever in name, classic in taste, Herbs de Humboldt® is a fresh goat cheese with an earthy blend of Herbs de Provence that creates a perfect balance.

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Food Service

Chevre Log

Our award-winning Ms. Natural® fresh cheese in a convenient goat cheese log, perfect for chefs and food service applications.

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Fromage Blanc

Soft and pillowy with a subtle tang and lightly salted finish, Fromage Blanc is fresh goat cheese at its simplest

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