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We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of cheesemongers and fellow curd nerds like you. To say thanks, we’ve created a new community exclusively for our favorite turophiles: Grover World. Keep an eye on this page for behind-the-scenes stories and a glimpse into the wild and wacky world of Cypress Grove.

In 1992, Mary Keehn dreamt up a cheese — literally. In her dream, Mary borrowed from the classic traditions of French cheesemakers and added a generous amount of American irreverence and ingenuity. What emerged from this dream was a boldly unique creation: Humboldt Fog.

Her unconventional recipe came to fruition out of stark necessity. Because she didn’t have enough money for more than a few forms, Mary allowed the wet curd to hang longer so she could hand-pack the resulting drier curd into forms lined with cheesecloth — and then immediately turn out the cheese and reuse the form again.

This vanguard of American artisanal cheeses is unique because of its hand-packed dry curd and its penicillium candidum rind, which is unusual to goat cheese. Coupled with a Morbier-like ash line and surrounding ash just under the rind that is reminiscent of a beautiful French blue, Humboldt Fog alludes to tradition and ingenuity at the same time.

This original recipe created a category of its own — one that is often imitated. Mary’s dream initiated the artistic freedom that American cheesemakers enjoy and pursue today.

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