Perfect Pairings: Humboldt Fog and a Maple Manhattan

Everyone loves a little wine or beer with their cheese, but why stop there? Pairing your favorite wedge with a good cocktail opens the door to a whole new adventure in flavor combinations. To give you a little inspiration, we recommend starting with one of our new favorite cocktail and cheese pairings, our Humboldt Fog with the Maple Manhattan.

This strong and stirred cocktail is made with just a few simple, high-quality ingredients – just like our cheese! Despite the addition of maple syrup, this isn’t an overly sweet drink. The alchemy of whiskey, dry vermouth, and bitters evens out the sweet syrup for a perfectly balanced autumnal cocktail. We love how it plays off the fluffy, tangy paste in our Humboldt Fog, a combination reminiscent of maple syrup on buttermilk pancakes. A couple candied pecans make this magical pairing really sparkle!

Here’s how to get the most out of your cheese and cocktail pairing: first, bring your Humboldt Fog to room temperature. Refrigeration dulls the flavor of cheese, so you want to warm it up a bit before tasting. Take a nibble of cheese and let it melt in your mouth. Then, take a small sip of the Maple Manhattan. Let the flavors mix together in your mouth, then chase it down with a bite of candied pecan. Enjoy the sensation of a perfect pairing!

Maple Manhattan

2 ounces bourbon
½ ounce dry vermouth
½ ounce maple syrup, heaping
dash orange bitters
dash angostura bitters
cherries and orange peel to garnish

1. Fill a tall glass with ice. Add bourbon, vermouth, syrup, and bitters.

2. Stir for 45 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, such as a coupe.

3. Garnish with cherries and orange peel. Serve with a hefty hunk of Humboldt Fog and a couple candied pecans.

4. Take a nibble of Humboldt Fog and follow with a small sip of Maple Manhattan. Chase it all with a pecan and enjoy!

Author Credit: Cheese Sex Death