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Valentine’s Cheeseboard for Dessert

Valentine’s Cheeseboard for Dessert


  • Humboldt Fog, 4ish oz wedge
  • Little Giant, 4 oz wheel
  • Flatbread crackers
  • Ginger snap cookies
  • Assorted red and pink fruits and sweets: chocolate covered strawberries, pomegranate perils, raspberries, and macarons
  • Honeycomb
  • Salami
  • Little flowers and fresh sage to make it all pretty and special!


Build your board:

  1. Cheese! Aim for about 2 oz per person.
  2. Carb vehicle for easy eating — bagels, baguette, crackers, whatever you fancy.
  3. Veggies. We love grabbing a deli option like premade kale salad when we’re in a rush. Or fruit on a dessert board!
  4. Extra protein (optional, but it makes this a heftier meal). While you’re in the deli grabbing that kale salad, why not add a rotisserie chicken to your cart?
  5. Cheeseboard add-ons. Boost your board with cheeseboard classics like honey, jam, charcuterie — or not. Whatever sounds good and is on-hand!