Molly Oliver Flowers

Molly Oliver Flowers inspires you to add natural beauty to your celebration with a “cake” adorned with seasonal, sustainably-grown flowers.

What was your design inspiration?

At Molly Oliver Flowers, we always work with the freshest seasonal blooms produced by local farmers. I wanted to highlight the beautiful blue accents along the ridge of the Humboldt Fog wheel, so I played with blue and purple hues in some the most lovely June flowers: bachelors buttons, lavender, and sweet William, along with playful accents like lamb's ear. I'm really drawn to these cooler hues at the moment, so this particular cheese was really fun to work with in that respect!

Decorating cakes is a whole other realm of floral design, where the cake serves as a flat canvas, so you can tell a different kind of story. I enjoy that "blank canvas" aspect of decorating a cake, and playing off the edges and curves that it has—creating long lines, ripples, or waves with the flowers. Bringing the flowers and cake together allows flowers to do things they don't often get to do, and of course it transforms the cake as well. Cheeses and sustainably-grown flowers are a perfect way to add a certain warmth, natural beauty, and unmatched quality of taste to a wedding or special event; they help people connect back to place, land, and the incredible richness that comes out of the hard work of farming—whether the production of beautiful cut flowers or incredible cheeses, like those made by Cypress Grove!

Which cheeses did you use?

Humboldt Fog Grande, Truffle Tremor, Humboldt Fog Mini

Any tips or tricks?

You want to decorate any cake (including cheese) in a cool location away from direct sunlight or heat. You also want to make sure your flower stems are well hydrated when you go to decorate your cake: when you acquire them, give them a fresh cut and leave them in water for 3-6 hours or overnight. The stems and buds will fill up with water which will help them look their best on the cake, from decorating time to cutting time.

About Molly Oliver Flowers:

Molly Oliver Flowers (MOF) is a sustainable floral design business founded by Brooklyn-based farmer Molly Culver of the Youth Farm. MOF believes in creating beautiful art with locally grown and seasonal flowers, and has grown a vibrant network of local farmers that produce diverse flowers cut fresh and delivered at peak quality. MOF supports farm education through flower purchase from The Youth Farm, East New York Farms!, and Queens County Farm, and helps to grow healthier Brooklyn soil: all unclaimed flowers go to compost production at The Youth Farm and the Brooklyn Grange.

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